Personal Training 1:1 - Our first session will include a consultation and training evaluation. This will allow us to create a personalized plan and establish a goal.  Using the ReachSCB philosophy, we increase your strength with a combination of weights and your own body weight.  Fun and challenging high intensity interval training will fire up those fast twitch muscle fibers and increase your heart rate to reach your conditioning goals.  Mobility movements for balance training, supported with resistance bands and total body sequences, will sculpt and engage the core and create a foundation to build on. 

Partner Training Sessions 1:2. Come in with a partner or we can find one for you! Maintain individual goals with the support of a teammate.

REACH 4  (Small Group Training) 1:4 -  Get the focus and feel of a one-on-one session with the encouragement and support of a group.

Event specific program - A wedding, a reunion, a vacation, or any event with a specific date.   The ReachSCB philosophy is in hyperdrive with a 12 week plan designed for you to feel your best.      

Pre/Postnatal  - Focus on techniques that are safe for expectant or recent moms. Goals are created with an understanding of the pregnant body. 

Teen Training - Ages 14+.  Contact us for details.

Nutritional advisement per personal fitness plan.