Welcome to ReachSCB (Strength, Conditioning, Balance), a personal training and small group fitness studio.  

The power behind the ReachSCB philosophy is the “why”.  This “why” is defined by each member of the ReachSCB community and is unique and personal to them.  Whether you're a parent, or soon to be, who knows the value in having energy for your child, a teenager who wants to build strength for the future, a traveling professional who wants support in living a balanced life while on the road, regardless of who or why, that’s why ReachSCB was created and what drives us every day.  

"I originally came to Kate because I was in need of a lifestyle change and I didn’t know how to start my journey. I am still here today to maintain the changes I made and because I want to continue to challenge myself physically and mentally. I didn’t know where to start, but Kate made sure I didn’t have to worry about that. She created a training plan that was personalized to my goals and worked with me to curb my nutrition, making all the parts work together. I decreased my BMI, lost over 65 pounds, and I am able to sustain a healthy lifestyle! The biggest value I got from coming to Kate was the ability to take accountability of my physical health and now I have the confidence to make changes on my own!" -Patty, Chicago